Increasingly, our industries are expected to transform, adapt and change. Buzzwords like

‘innovation’ lack detailed discussion about the process involved.

Humans have a tendency to seek out and surround themselves with information that confirms

their ways of viewing the world. Social media has amplified this.

Creativity is the pre-condition of innovation. Creativity occurs when we make connections

between disparate concepts, ideas or principles and apply them in a new, valuable way.

Creativity comes in many forms and is not solely artistic in nature.

We need to transform and adapt but the very nature of our siloed work practices and social

networks means that we are limiting our ability to make connections.

I am launching The Curious Connector so that we can connect to create. I’m aiming to break

down silos between industries and ways of problem-solving. Listening with no assumptions

and being open to making connections and having conversations. It is through leveraging our

collective ways of doing that we can make meaningful changes.


The Curious Connector is a a project  to shake up our 

silos so that we can solve problems better.


Creativity Is...

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