• Sophie Tversky

The Launch of The Curious Connector

You know that feeling you get when you see something come to fruition, an evolving idea or a connection made after days, months or years of concept mapping, brainstorming, speaking to your users, testing and validating? It's exhilarating.

We often think of creativity as an 'aha' moment that comes to us out of the blue. Yes, this is sometimes how it happens but more often than not, creativity requires process, tools and time.

Many factors influence our creative ability, from resources (such as time, space, people), culture and an organisation's contribution to making us feel trusted, valued and psychologically safe, to our exposure to varied thoughts and viewpoints. There is a wonderful picture by artist and business communicator, Hugh Macleod, of 'knowledge' shown as a series of dots and 'experience' as the dots connected. The more we experience and know, the greater the likelihood of connections and therefore, creative ideas.

Hugh Macleod

In a world where we are more connected than ever, with the prevalence of social media and the internet, have you ever asked yourself: 'who is in my network?' and 'how are they shaping my world view?' We have a tendency to surround ourselves by people who confirm our ways of knowing and doing, which is perpetuated by social media. Chances are, if you scroll through your LinkedIn, most of us will have people from the same industry, school/university, age and background who probably share similar views and content. This is called confirmational bias, coined by English psychologist Peter Wason. We seek out this knowledge and surround ourselves with it.

If connections are the core of creativity, and creative thinking enables innovation, then we have a problem. We are creating silos in our work practices and social networks.

It's time to shake this up and connect to create.

The purpose of The Curious Connector is to share how different industries and people problem solve. To expand our minds to what's possible and to connect with these concepts and how they might transfer or spark an idea in our own environments.

Please reach out if you have industry or contact suggestions and I'd love to hear your learnings along the way too.

Looking forward to connecting with you, Sophie

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